After completing my Bachelor of Design, I build my creative design agency. Here I am not only an entrepreneur, but I am also active as an art director.

As an art director I am continuously working on creating smart visual concepts. However, my interests go much deeper than design alone. I enjoy creating form and language in every way possible. I lose myself in writing texts, I photograph a lot and I like to pick up the brush to paint.

About my paintings

The method I apply when I paint is in sharp contrast to my art direction. In design my focus is to integrate the work into the product and target group. However, in my autonomous work I work intuitively. I let feeling and emotion lead. I am looking for a constant dialogue between the question of whether art should be beautiful or make an impression.

About my autonomous work

My fascination lies in the small details that everyone overlooks. This can sometimes be expressed in a certain subject for a work or a beautiful material. I let the work determine the medium. I don’t believe in fixed shapes or sizes. When you look at my work you will always see a dialogue between the aesthetic and the overwhelming. Should art be beautiful or make an impression?


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